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A day in the life of me.

Wednesday, I wake up (reluctantly I might add) at 7.30 (okay 7:45) get ready and go to work.I have to be there at 9 a.m.My commute includes a fifteen minute walk through a very nice part of town 🙂
I get to work and the nice doctor I work for always has a nice cup of tea waiting for me 🙂

Just beginning this post just made me realise how great my work life actually is….
so I’ll go and practise gratitude for it because its pretty darn great! 

Wednesday nights are usually spent babysitting for a friend of mine, we spend an hour hanging out and chatting, playing with the toddler, then they put her to bed and I spend the evening reading or writing while they enjoy the evening.

I am a free lance writer, blogger , author and radio show host so my days vary greatly 🙂


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