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Africa Fashion Day Berlin 2015

I smiled sweetly at the stylish lady checking my details at the counter. I was a bit nervous and felt bad that I had not printed out my ticket but made her squint at my smartphone for the barcode as she printed my pass.

I took it into my hands and smiled.

I just got into the Premium International Fashion Trade Show.

Giddy does not even begin to explain how I felt. I was here to learn lots of new things, to enjoy myself, but most of all for Africa Fashion Day Berlin.

I have spoken a lot about supporting young African creatives on Diaspora Truth, and  this was another more fashionable way of doing so.

I meandered around all the glitz and glamour, oohing and ahhing at so many great finds, listening in to what sounded like amazing conversations. I turned the corner, walked a few steps, and there it was. A collection by Alexandra Tamele

Alexandra Tamale

I stood there for a moment with a huge smile on my face.I recognised that Lioness, I had seen some sneak preview images on Facebook. I babbled on with the lovely ladies at the stand while touching these lovely clothes.

SO SOFT! I was ready to wear ALL OF IT right off the rack!

Another beautiful collection that was on show was by Adama Paris. Look at that cotton candy pink! The beading was glorious, and I fell in love with it immediately!

Adama 5


Seeing these collections and many more (more posts to come!) just made me excited for the event that was coming on later that evening. Africa Fashion Day Berlin and Bolingo Club (My Cologne peeps will know) collaborated to bring us a fashion-filled evening, and a pretty hot dance party afterwards!

Here are a few shots of the show

From Alexandra Tamele , ready to wear, lounge in, be stylish.Fierce!

Alexandra Tamele_0334


Alexandra Tamele

Adama’s delicious looks!

Adama Paris_0368




Adama 2






















Nomiby Naomi , fun and sporty!



Gloria WavaMunno , loved the leather  and sandals!


Gloria Wavamunno0264




For this amazing event, I have Beatrace Oola to thank.

She is the founder of Africa Fashion Day Berlin. Working tirelessly behind the scenes to make it happen, she was so gracious in person ( and looked so hot in her African print dress at the evening event) . Her work is boosting African brand awareness on the European fashion scene and transferring knowledge about African fashion to the world that is now awakening and paying attention to how stylish young Africans are.


Believing in African Fashion and pushing it to the forefront is no small feat, but as she is a strong African woman, of course she can! With the support of all young Africans, what can we not do?

African fashion can be young, stylish, urban, sporty, and most of all glamorous.

It roars like the wild animals that roam the continent and impresses the world over.

I decided to put my money where my mouth is. I went out and supported young African creatives.

What are you waiting for?




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