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This evening is dedicated to someone I have never met,her name is Anna,and this is why this post is for her.
I ended up at an LGBT party.Never had so much fun in my life.Its not the first I have been to.This one was special though.
I had her in my mind,this girl that loved girls,not in a ‘sisterhood kind of way,but like in a ‘I wanna be with you’ kind of way..and in this moment as I danced away with the DJ(viva forever and lots of Kylie Minogue) I thought of her, she would love it right now,being here,amongst everyone else,dancing with whomever,mouthing great pop songs with me and being free with whoever she wants,because she can.
You see, Anna lives in a place where you are not allowed to be interested romantically or sexually to someone of the same gender.
Dear Anna, I wish you love, I wish you trust,and most of all I wish you truth and wisdom,clarity and favour,because you matter,just as you are.

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