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Are goals..resolutions?

So…a lot of people don’t like New Years resolutions…so they call them goals…isn’t that the same thing?
If your New Years resolution is to eat less sugar….the goal is to eat less sugar..right?
Or is it that people would rather use the word goals because they have a negative association with resolution?

By the time January ends some people are exhausted from all the effort of working on the resolutions or … um … goals.

I have some goals too, and at this time of year it seems its all I can think about.Making myself a little mentally exhausted really.

So today I slept in, stayed in bed whilst listening to some Coltrane and Hartman , watched cooking shows from BBC food , and then listened to Paris Cafe as I made a very late lunch.
It was a great day of pottering about, a long shower, good food, some Majestic Casual .

Don’t know where my phone is right now, which feels so so good.

When you take a day off, really take a day off!

Your goals will be better attained if you also take some time to take care of yourself.


p.s Have you seen my From a wildflower post yet?
or my Online Writing Portfolio?
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