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#MagicalMusic- Music I’m loving

It’s getting warmer outside! Got my headphones on and jamming…jamming..jamming….. All SoundCloud links this time. Enjoy! Francesca Battistelli Love her. The Internet – Syd the Kyd is amazing. Saw them during their European tour. Great energy! Ikon May Boybands live forever.Amen. Brandy – vocals that have me doing the Holy Ghost dance on the street Sza – love this jam That’s all folks! xoxo

Stand up to your pain

  I need you to stand up to your pain. To look at it in the face and tell it, it no longer has any power over you. Past scars are in the past. Today is the start of a brand new you. Pain is sometimes like the huge imposing shadow on the wall….. of a cute kitty cat. Look at it in the face and tell it ‘No more.’ No more will pain dictate who you embrace, who you call on the phone, who you love. Pain will no longer dictate the quality of life and how high you can soar. You were born to soar. All your pain has been paid for. Walk free. Look pain in the face and tell it. No more. It ends today. Go through so you can hold hands again and not cringe. Go through so you can pat someone on the knee, look them in the eye and not feel like  a fraud. Go through so you can pat someone on the knee, look them in the …


Dear <Insert your wonderful name here> I want to live in a world where Young Africans are not afraid to venture into creative businesses and spaces. A world where they can be as creative as they can be without writing it off as unimportant because they think they cannot earn money from their creativity.A world which celebrates their brilliant colourful creativity without them being taken advantage of for it.   It breaks my heart when I see young Africans devote so much time and effort to careers and paths they do not enjoy because they believe it is the only way to survive in this world. Or to see such amazing talent go to waste because they simply do not believe in themselves or their creativity.   I want you to feel confident, inspired and well able. I want you to rock the creative world and bring a spin to it that the world is yet to experience.   So, I’ve created a guide for Young Africans and it is on sale now 🙂 I learned …

Run…. for help.

Why do the stories of people like Amy Winehouse or Jean – Michel Basquiat fascinate us and  make us so sad at the same time? (The Jean – Michel story makes me so proud, sad and hurt!) Why do these suffering souls  that hold so much promise waste away so incredibly fast and leave this earth moved, leaving our hearts in awe but irreversibly broken? The haunting voice of Amy  “.. and I wake up alone …” or Jean Michels “Fire will attract more attention than any other cry for help.” A lot of the times its because we are not paying attention. We brush off the hurting, we figure they will figure themselves out .. or.. you have your own issues to deal with. People run. They run, wanting to find their freedom, wanting relief, wanting a listening ear. They run to drugs, alcohol, spending money they don’t have .. and they keep running. Could Amy and Jean-Michel have been alive today if they would have made different decisions? I think so. I hope you run …

Going back to go forward

Sometimes you have to go back to go forward. You have to learn how to spell again to become a better writer, to make friends again with your old dictionary (Oxford!) and learn the meaning of words, like you did in fifth grade. Sometimes you have to admit that your work is average  and strive to make yourself better. This is how you shine.

What’s on your plate?

I lay on the floor on my back, breathing. I had just had a challenging day and it was only the second week of the year. ‘I can’t go on like this!’ I thought to myself almost in a panic. I’ve got too much on my plate! After a few minutes, a question bubbled up in my mind. ‘Who put all these things on your plate?’ I squirmed. I ignored the question for a few seconds. I thought of all the things I was involving myself in, things that I had willingly volunteered to help with. Projects in which I had appointed myself as the leader. ” Why did I do that?!” I said out loud. I took a good honest look at everything that I had to do, wanted to do, and had made myself do. I got on my computer and sent out emails retracting myself from unwanted projects. Projects that I was doing out of resentment because I did not want to be doing them anyway. The self-appointed leader thing? Nobody likes …

#MagicalMusic – Music I’m loving

  What is it about Country music? I don’t know if it’s from my Texas days, but country music will get me going anytime anywhere! It’s adventurous, its funny and its.. oh so romantic 🙂 Here are a few tunes to get you laughing, swaying and appreciating the new crop of Country artists. Enjoy! Luke Bryan is an absolute favourite.Love this song.       Love this one! Drunk on your love! This one is a total gem. Chris Stapleton brings that smokey soulful sound to country. It’s the blue really. He has an amazing voice. Swoooon! Also, he sings it with Justin Timberlake. Enough said.   Then I found this video with an hour long worth of some of my favourite songs. Eee Eee eek! Enjoy! <3

Why do we keep waiting for summer?

I’m sitting here with my snuggliest hoodie on, under a warm snuggly blanket, watching a TV show that makes me scream ‘YES!!!’ I am in control of this situation, I control how warm I feel, what I am watching and how healthy the snacks that I’m shoving into my mouth are. Out there, outside my door and window, feels like the world is falling apart. Not just the wars and rumors of wars, its people hating each other, killing each other. Winter over here does not make it any better. The weather is grey, the people are grey and mean. It’s drizzling, then snowing, then icy, then slushy, then dirty. Let’s take a look at our personal lives. There are  unmet goals hanging over your head, family problems, not enough money. People asking for money. Co-workers that are mean and you wish you could just throw that stapler at them! Let’s look deeper. Insecurities, questions, disappointments, disbelief, anger…… fear. Fear that it won’t get any better. Fear that this is all there is folks. This …

How you help me live a better life!

Happy New Year! How  were your holidays?  Mine? Oh, the usual,  lovely Christmas service at church, hilarious play by the kids of the little town I was visiting aaaaaannnnd….. I ate a little too much. Yup.  The great thing about the beginning of the year is how we reflect on what we want for the coming year. It’s a chance to hit the restart button on many issues in our lives and offers hope for a lot of people. In light of reflecting, I took some time off to really clarify what it is I do on this website.   Truly Twaambo brings honesty and humour to writing, motivation and encouragement. Truly Twaambo does this while helping readers live a better life. So who are my readers you may ask? My ideal reader needs direction and encouragement because we have an inborn need to fulfill our dreams. Is this you? You are in the right place!! 🙂 This is what I do with this website. Why? Emails like these: “Twaambo, I’m so discouraged. I can’t seem to get …

Lianna LaHavas

#MagicalMusic- Music I’m loving

  Grey days, winter days… in the Northern hemisphere.. Hot days.. warm summer nights… Southern hemisphere. I love them both. Here are some songs that have had me feeling some way past couple of weeks. He makes me BRAVE!! Lianne Lianne Liane….. I love you.   My late father loved this song, and I tear up everytime I hear it because I feel like this is what he is saying to me when I am feeling like crap. A little Coltrane is good for the soul!     Some eye candy Jay Park.. sigh.   No matter what your days are looking like, music sets the mood and can make things oh so much better 🙂   xoxo

spirit of excellence

Daniel speaks : A spirit of excellence

  The guards held me in their steel grips, whether it was with a thirst for my death or fear of what that dungeon held I don’t know. They held me firm nonetheless as we stumbled down the dark damp walkway, the light from the fire torches they were holding flickered on the wall.   We were drawing closer to it. How did I know? I could hear animalistic noises coming up ahead. My heart accelerated. I was about to lose my shit. I was sweating and shivering at the same time. I pulled back, this couldn’t be.   I was losing it. I had never spoken to anybody that had died before to find out how it felt, let alone anyone that has been mauled to death by lions. I started to plead, I dug my bare heels in, not feeling them tear and start to bleed. I could not feel anything but the need to get away, to be safe. They dragged me with their great strength as I reasoned ways of escape, …

how limiting beliefs box us in

How limiting beliefs box us in

In the silence while you regroup, you start to gain clarity. I have realised how I’ve been boxing myself in, how I have let my own limiting beliefs about what success is, and HOW to get there have held me back for a long long time. I have believed that in order to be successful there is only one way. I have agreed with others that ‘ Of course there isn’t only one way!’ But I secretly believed there was only one way. I factored in my age, my background, my family, my sex…..I had a huge limiting belief that there was only one way to success.  I’ve been trudging that road and have gotten nowhere.  What made going on this road more bearable? What made me continue other than my hidden limited thoughts (really well hidden, didn’t even know they were there!) Part of it was all the good times I made myself have, to cope with being on the journey. You know how you talk about what’s great about a city, so many …

what does discretion mean


  You don’t have to tell everyone everything. Some things are nicer or are meant to only share with special people. You don’t have to tell everyone everything … Sometimes there are just no explanations needed. Discretion is knowing what to say and when to say it Enjoy this Lauryn Hill mix. Had me swaying 🙂 xoxo

Journey or Homestead?

Every great story involves a quest. In J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins ran from the door at a quarter till eleven without even so much as a pocket handkerchief and launched on an adventure that would change his life forever. Alice stepped through the looking glass into Wonderland; Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter stumbled through the wardrobe into Narnia. Abraham left his country, his people, and his father’s household to follow the most outlandish sort of promise from a God he’d only just met, and he never came back. Jacob and his sons went to Egypt for some groceries and four hundred years later the Israel nation pulled up stakes and headed for home. Peter, Andrew, James, and John all turned on a dime one day to follow the Master, their fishing nets heaped in wet piles behind them. The Sacred Romance involves for every soul a journey of heroic proportions. And while it may require for some a change of geography, for every soul it means a journey of the heart. …