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Awesomely African

There are so many out there and I applaud you.

Young Africans who’s social media pages, blogs, Instagram accounts and websites I visit very often. For inspiration, for wisdom, entertainment, laughter..and love.

I’ll list a few at a time, as I have some things to say about each one:)

1. Ernest ‘The Danjuma’ Enebi ( or last name Carter, as some of you know him)


Ernest, Ernest.

So stylish, so ambitious and so funny! If you have the honour of being the recipient of his many funny facebook updates or images on Instagram, you know what I mean 🙂

As co-founder of Denda  and a strategy expert for Face Africa  (and probably many other things that this blog post cannot cover.) Ernest is a busy man, but ever so friendly and entertaining.

Denda is a boutique strategy and management consulting firm that offers tailored business and organizational development solutions for start-ups, small businesses, non-profits, as well as investors and philanthropists.

Face Africa with your help can realize the dream of providing 100% water coverage to communities across Sub-Saharan Africa.


Ernest makes me happy because he is having fun, and changing the world at the same time.(Most of the time in a great big stylish hat.Like every Gentleman should do darling.)

He is showing young Africans that you can do it, you can make a difference, and make fun of yourself as you do. I’m cheering you on Ernest!



Follow Ernest 


2. Abraham Abbi Asefaw

Abraham Asefaw

Great humour, insightful inspiration and one of the illest man buns out there, Abraham brings a totally fresh outlook to how to be creative, solve problems and chasing your dreams no matter what. As Founder at The Pop Up Agency  Abraham is flying all over the world, changing the way companies are solving their problems and collaborating creatively. He also wears his pants a bit shorter than most but that’s just European style darling 🙂


The Pop Up agency. You give them a brief. Then, they spend two days creative doing. Rather than just sitting around talking about it, they meet people, research, brainstorm, test all their ideas with your audience and develop them so you have some solid solutions that are ready to go. its legit guys!


With lots of talks/ conferences / presentations under his belt (that’s how I found out about him, I saw him LIVE guys. SO awesome!) Abraham has such a refreshing perspective to getting things done and collaborating with the movers and shakers of our time. ( He is also terribly polite! )

He makes me feel that nothing is impossible.You just need to think, collaborate, share and get on that plane. Play on playa!


Follow him here

For more awesome Africans listen to this podcast!

Stay tuned for more Awesome Africans 🙂


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