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Don’t let the doe soft eyes fool you! Carolyn is a proud Electronic technician with a full head of curly hair and a great love for dancing (long hours at a time!) Her comapssionate nature and quick wit make this great lover of Africa even more pleasurable to be around.

What do you celebrate about being a woman?  

As a woman I celebrate a lot of things. Let me share a few with you. I celebrate the biggest God given gift which is being able to conceive a child.
My job is male dominated and as a female, black female I can proudly say that I am an electronic technician in a company run by men. I am the first female, first brown skinned female to do what I do in this company and I realize and celebrate it every single day. I celebrate it because I enjoy it and it interests me.I don’t do it to prove anything to anyone, that women are capable of doing male dominated jobs isn’t really new anymore, but I salute all women who made this path easier for me. As a brown skinned girl I love my natural Diverse/versatile hair and of course my curvy figure.


What do you wish other women knew?

I wish that other women knew their values of being women. Knowing your values and self-worth you won’t have to put up with foolishness nor will you degrade yourself in any type of way.
I wish other women knew that it’s extremely important to love yourself just the way you are and also show it, because a lot of young girls in the process of growing up look up to us and need to learn to love themselves as-well. Especially brown skinned girls with low self-esteem who don’t feel naturally beautiful, due to the typical portrayal of the ideal beauty of females in the media for example.
I wish other women would recognize that nobody is perfect and in order to move forward in life, we would have to put petty issues which we have amongst each other aside and focus on positive changes. We need to use every single chance we get as females in this world to make a difference and not waste it on nonsense.
Having the greatest gift to carry out new life makes us women teachers from day one! We have a duty! We can make big things happen working together than working against each other.
I wish other women knew that it’s not attractive to degrade your man just because you have achieved so much in life, just because you worked so hard and have it all and actually don’t even need a man to take care of you. In my opinion we’re supposed to achieve so much as women in the first place, its not new and its not something to brag about.
We are supposed to be independent regardless of anything, life is tough so obviously we have to work hard., your man has nothing to do with that!
Yes Mr. James Brown “this is a mans world BUT it don’t mean nothing without a woman’s heart” not without a woman’s emancipation overflow!

How do you express yourself creatively?

I put my expressions into writing about topics that disturb me as well as topics that interest me the most. I enjoy writing articles although I haven’t really published any yet.
Mingling with different people at events, sharing and exchanging interests and ideas is one the ways I also enjoy expressing myself.
I like to put my feedback into interviews, articles, stories on blogs and such like.

How are you making a difference in the world?

Well, dealing with the web page ‘ifwebantu’ and the facebook group ‘afromaßig schön ‘, I try my best to make a particular orientation of people look at them themselves and their where they are from more positively.
I would like to show how beautiful other parts of the world are, especially Africa. The continent is not  portrayed very well in the media and this gives people a very false image of what Africa is. 
Many Africans are more interested in learning about European countries or America than the African counties and their capitals. 
I was also a victim of that and only later realized how important it is to have knowledge of where you are from which is also one of the aims of ifwebantu
I would like to concentrate more on the “doing” than on the “talking”. 
How am I going to make progress by making statements without actually laying a hand on anything?
What do you believe is your calling and what are you doing about it?

I came across my calling through this African proverb, 

“It’s better to give than to receive”
Where I’m from, you are brought up by your parents who guide you, to accomplish as much as possible in life, they want the best for you and want to bring out the best in you and once you are settled you start to give back!
I see Africa/Zambia as my motherland although I am a mix of different cultures. Being my motherland, I think it’s time for me to start to give back! I want to bring out the best and do what’s best for my fellow brothers and sisters in Africa/Zambia. Something I recently realized.
How do you celebrate where you come from?

I celebrate where I am from just by eating the staple food and introducing it to others. 
I also like to wear traditional attire once in a while and taking part in events to do with Zambia or with Africa in general.
I also do this by working with a colleague on a ifwebantu , it has to do with the uplifting of Africans, news about what’s going on here and there, showing and sharing the beauty of our people, the land and the wildlife. 
A few girls and myself opened a group for Africans in Germany mainly who have difficulties dealing with their natural hair, not only because of the weather here in Europe, but also because a few of them cannot accept the fact that they look beautiful in their natural state. Members are free to ask questions, advise each other on hair products and post pictures. Loving yourself just the way you are is also respecting your roots. For me that’s a form of celebrating who you are.
What do you consider to be the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome?

The biggest obstacle I have had to overcome would be realizing that my interests have changed throughout the years. 
As a child one always has big dreams to do big things which are then later on accomplished, but only to find out that you are not passionate about these things anymore. There is almost no turning back once you are so deep into the system you already built up for yourself and it has been and still is the biggest obstacle I am trying to overcome. 
Trying to start new and at the same time trying to combine what I once was passionate about with my new interests and building up on that.

You can keep up with Carolyn on her website, she bakes amazing cakes!
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