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The Young African and what they wear.

What comes to mind when you think of African fashion?   I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of it lately, celebrities wearing a lot of African inspired looks a la King Bey herself.   I even did a double take whilst watching one highly addictive Korean Drama, is she wearing African print? Look at Mindy Kaling also rocking her cute little African inspired outfit!   There has been an absolute explosion worldwide, African inspired looks, Africa fashion weeks available and popular in various stylish cities in the world. African music is bumping in everyone’s headphones.Did you see Taraji P Henson Instagram about listening to Wizkids  Caro? I will now proceed to show you what young Africans on the continent are doing with fashion, how they interpret it, how they wear it.     Egypts Hadia Ghaleb   A major key to some amazing styling of everyday garments in Africa is thrifting and the tailor down at the market who is churning out all sorts of outfits we must have for weddings, kitchen parties.( don’t forget …

Favourite Sister girl

  ‘YAAAAAASSSSSSSS!’ You ever find yourself screaming as you agree vehemently with a sister as she talks about something you find interesting?   Or when you walk away feeling learned, appreciate that the sisters are learned and …  just general #BlackGirlMagic vibes   Here are some newer  podcasts that take it church. (I wrote a post a while back about which podcasts I was and still enjoy) Four Black girls talking about.. everything! I love that there is four of them, dishing out different perspectives, and having different characters. Heben Nigatu,Tracy Clayton  and their guest grab some drinks and have interesting conversations. Despite the fun vibe, they still get to the poignant questions and leave the listener satisfied, in a good mood and loving life. I love the American life but with African roots (her words not mine 🙂 ) podcast. I love how informative and educational it is. I can feel her Africanness mirroring my own. Evelynn is not a podcaster but a YouTuber.She is a funny sister ooooooh. I love to spend Sunday evening …

Shenanigans in Seoul ..

So this is what happened. We wandered up the street in the warm Seoul air, I smelt like Be Delicious by Donna Karan (my favourite!) , M casually carrying that gorgeous strawberry cake, K with her big gorgeous smile. We had spent the day shopping, drinking coffees ( sweet potato latte for me please!) and just general awesome Seoul life chilling. We got to the restaurant and continued laughing and joking up the stairs. We had arrived at Braii republic. I was the most excited one because I was getting to eat African food again. Not just any African food, but from the Southside, my general area of Africa. I was salivating at the thought of boerwors, maybe some pap..ahhh We walked in and informed the smiling waitress we were meeting some people. The place was busy and smelled really good. All the memorabilia hanging on the wall immediately giving me that feeling, I was on home turf… technically . Was that a castle lager sitting on that table? The waitress led us to the back, the …

#MagicalMusic-Music I’m loving

Yo! Yes, I know you have noticed my K-pop fever in the last ‘Music I’m loving’ posts. I ain’t sorry. As usual, I’m sharing the jams I have going on repeat! This is the kpop playlist. I’m listening to that a lot lately. A LOT. CNBlue and their new album Blueming. It’s a different sound from when they first began, similar to another album they did, called ‘Can’t Stop’. I love the sound and dreamy feeling it gives right now in spring. (The name Blueming is apt)   Crush lends his impressive RnB vocals to this track, giving me a much-needed feel of the 90’s RnB vibe.Crush em!   Dean killing it on this live version of ‘ Half Moon ‘ *swoon * Listening to this, I am very impressed with how smooth his voice is and what kind of vocal range he has. Love this is sunny days, on walks, wearing girly clothes … and Dean <3   Crush again, this time with a sad sounding love song. I really like Crush, he does it for me with …

Wanderlust fulfilled – I’ve got Seoul

Remember that post I wrote a year ago about wanting to go to Seoul. Korea? Well, guess who just came back from there?! I spent three weeks in Korea, eating, shopping and being merry! I had an amazing time! There are no words to express how enthralled I was, how much I ate and how much being there experiencing it made my life happy. 🙂 ) When I first got to Seoul I was staying in Gangnam (Yes Gangnam of Psy fame ) and was immediately mesmerised by how clean everything was. (I live in Berlin, it has its not so clean parts 🙂 ) We quickly checked into our hotel and I quickly turned on the T.V. If you want to get to know a nation, watch what they are watching. ( I was in the land of Kpop and Kdramas, it was time to dive in immediately!) Gangnam is a very wealthy area, ( My friends laughed at me for being very surprised at a really badly parked Maserati as we walked down to …

#MagicalMusic- Music I’m loving

It’s getting warmer outside! Got my headphones on and jamming…jamming..jamming….. All SoundCloud links this time. Enjoy! Francesca Battistelli Love her. The Internet – Syd the Kyd is amazing. Saw them during their European tour. Great energy! Ikon May Boybands live forever.Amen. Brandy – vocals that have me doing the Holy Ghost dance on the street Sza – love this jam That’s all folks! xoxo

#MagicalMusic – Music I’m loving

  What is it about Country music? I don’t know if it’s from my Texas days, but country music will get me going anytime anywhere! It’s adventurous, its funny and its.. oh so romantic 🙂 Here are a few tunes to get you laughing, swaying and appreciating the new crop of Country artists. Enjoy! Luke Bryan is an absolute favourite.Love this song.       Love this one! Drunk on your love! This one is a total gem. Chris Stapleton brings that smokey soulful sound to country. It’s the blue really. He has an amazing voice. Swoooon! Also, he sings it with Justin Timberlake. Enough said.   Then I found this video with an hour long worth of some of my favourite songs. Eee Eee eek! Enjoy! <3

Lianna LaHavas

#MagicalMusic- Music I’m loving

  Grey days, winter days… in the Northern hemisphere.. Hot days.. warm summer nights… Southern hemisphere. I love them both. Here are some songs that have had me feeling some way past couple of weeks. He makes me BRAVE!! Lianne Lianne Liane….. I love you.   My late father loved this song, and I tear up everytime I hear it because I feel like this is what he is saying to me when I am feeling like crap. A little Coltrane is good for the soul!     Some eye candy Jay Park.. sigh.   No matter what your days are looking like, music sets the mood and can make things oh so much better 🙂   xoxo

Fall weather music.

As the leaves turn golden, and we hurry to get indoors because its nippy out there… the playlist on the ipod also begins to change. A little more country, a little more indie, gospel still going on strong .. I have these going on repeat. Enjoy! Lianne’s voice is amazing in her new album Blood.   Been revisiting Lifehouse this year, I loved them then and I love them even more now! A little bit of country from Dan + Shay ( cute country boys and cute puppy dogs)   my girl Sza   Edwin McCain, remember this one? *twirls* Whats fall without some kpop? Big Bang were a favourite of mine this year. ‘No Make up ‘ by Zion T Last and not least the Hillsong ‘Glorious Ruins ‘ album I have had going all year! God is good! All the time.

The luxury headphones every woman needs.

Wandering around the Premium Fashion exihibit in Berlin brought a lot of pleasurable and luxurious surprises my way. From the colourful fur slippers, to Couture Sponge Bob fashion… to …..amazing headphones made for women? Intrigued I wondered closer, the shiny and very very pretty headphones catching my attention. What is this surprisingly appealing contraption laying here? .. and how …beautiful! I tentatively tiptoed over and Jan ( I found out her name later) approached me with a huge smile on her face. ‘Want to try them? ‘ she asked.   I nodded enthusiastically, unplugging my ipod from my  *cough cough*not so stellar headphones. I plugged in the badass looking leather headphones with the oh so elegant gold rim. The beat hit me, bass never sounded so good.   I saw Jans mouth moving, I couldn’t hear anything but I smiled and nodded because she must have asked me if I liked the sound right? She smiled right back..phew I must have gotten the question right..or she gets it all the time and just nods right …

Beauty will rise.

It was the day the world went wrong I screamed till my voice was gone And watched through the tears As everything came crashing down Slowly panic turns to pain As we awake to what remains And sift through the ashes That are left behind But buried deep beneath all our broken dreams We have this hope Out of the ashes Beauty will rise And we will dance among the ruins We will see it with our own eyes Out of these ashes Beauty will rise For we know joy is coming In the morning In the morning Beauty will rise So take another breath for now And let the tears come washing down And if you can’t believe I will believe for you ‘Cause I have seen the signs of spring Just watch and see Out of these ashes, Beauty will rise And we will dance among the ruins We will see it with our own eyes Out of this darkness New life will shine And we’ll know joy is coming in the morning …

#MagicalMusic – Music I’m loving.

Here are the songs that I am loving today. Music, makes the world go round! I usually post the video because they are a huge part of how I enjoy music.The visuals count baby! Please please listen to this girl sing! Lauren Daigle – How can it be Mali music – Beautiful   Lecrae feat For King and Country.  Speak out, and never step back from declaring the love of God. We have all been loved into his kingdom, nobody is qualified.We are all saved by GRACE. Soyou and Junggigo  – this on is an oldie but a goodie Maroon 5….. Adam.. Adam … Adam I’ll give BTS just one day…..just one 🙂 Bangtan Boys….sigh.Boy bands forever.   Exo – Call me baby. The vocals, the dance routine…and the outfits are on point. ALSO produced by Teddy Riley. ugh love him. What are you guys listening to? xoxo  

Oceans (Where feet may fail)

  I am yours. And you are mine. “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” You call me out upon the waters The great unknown where feet may fail And there I find You in the mystery In oceans deep My faith will standAnd I will call upon Your name And keep my eyes above the waves When oceans rise My soul will rest in Your embrace For I am Yours and You are mine Your grace abounds in deepest waters Your sovereign hand Will be my guide Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me You’ve never failed and You won’t start now So I will call upon Your name And keep my eyes above the waves When oceans rise My soul will rest in Your embrace For I am Yours and You are mine [6x] Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders Let me walk upon the waters Wherever You would call me Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander And my faith will be made stronger In the presence of …

#MagicalMusic – Music I’m loving.

When I find some really good songs I can’t help but share it with you guys. Like I’ve said countless times sharing is caring. Brooke Fraser. I love her. She makes me feel like running through fields and fields of flowers!   Zion T and Crush hailing from South Korea (some good music coming from that side of the world.Trust me!) This song has great vocals, great harmony and the rapping is smooth. It is so reminiscent of the 90’s amazing RnB sound that is lacking in a lot of the music we are hearing lately. Of course I’m a sucker for a black and white video! Of course!       Melody Gardot. Listen to her sing! Her music is amazing! Another black and white video… sensing  a trend here 🙂   Brooke Fraser again singing I will exalt you with Hillsong. Hillsong does some amazingly anointed worship music and I love to worship God to this song. What are you listening to lately?

How I beat boredom with podcasts.

I can’t have my head in a book all the time (Like I would really like to!) and when the commute is long, the long road stretching ahead of me, and I’m needing a new music playlist asap and have not worked on it……. enter…… Podcasts. Keeping me entertained, educated, and in wonder on my commute, in the office, on a Saturday when I have conditioner in my hair and the laundry is spinning. Which ones are my favourite? 1. The Read – words cannot describe how much I have laughed, nodded in agreement and just smiled at the antics of these two. Kid Fury and Crissle 2. On being – so much goodness on this podcast, its so still, touching the heart and good content. 3.Death, Sex and Money – WNYC has some of the best podcasts out there, I’ve spoken about Radio lab before, (my other favourite). This is a new addition to my list and I am enjoying it. 4.  Mama Joyce – her humour and realness gets me all the time.Love her. …