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#MagicalMusic – Music I’m loving

Here are some songs I’ve had on repeat lately. Some new sounds, some old, but still so good! Majid Jordan, you probably know them from a song they did with Drizzy (Drake) . Really love the black and white video! Picture me rolling down the street top down, shades on…just rolling. Music, helping us ride cars better for years. Mark Ronson. Always good. I’d love to tap into his creative genius! Always good. Musical genius. I’d love to tap into his creative genius!   Jung Yonghwa front man of CNBLUE, a Korean band, always so stylish, always so cute, incredible songwriting skills. Dido’s song ‘White flag’ . Still so good. So many memories of wandering streets, angsty, playing this on my disc man. Yes you read that right.

Diaspora Truth-The Podcast for Celebrating Young Africans

Want to hear what I sound like? Listen to the Diaspora Truth Podcast  Diaspora Truth was borne out of the need for a platform that showcased the multi-layered narrative of Africa and Africans, regardless of where they lived or what they did for a living. The most prominent narrative of the African in the diaspora was one of a child lost to it’s own voice, ancestry, and traditions while those at “home” remained behind, struggling to grow the abandoned country. When the interwebs were flooded with stories of the prodigal diasporan, the story shifted to one where the African in the diaspora had seen the error in their ways and were returning home in droves with their knowledge to “lead the new way of thinking.” Regardless of what one chooses to understand and believe, Mukuka and Twaambo felt that so many stories that didn’t fit these divergent narratives were being ignored. We do it because we love to hear, and share stories, stories that matter, stories that exist, stories that move, and entertain. I ask …

#MagicalMusic – Music I’m loving.

This movie (Begin again) and this song, made me come undone. The connection between the images, the story and the music. This encompasses what creativity is to me. My heart was stirring so many ways, my heart burst open and tears flowed. It had everything, hope, fears, belief, curiosity, encouragement, it had…me. There is not so much on the Internet these days that will move you, the real you. Nothing that screams ‘look at me!’ moves anyone. Like all works of art that have really really moved me, this just walked into my life, I was unaware, but it waltzed right in and shook me. I am thankful that it opened the floodgates.     If you have never seen the movie ‘Begin Again’ I highly recommend.

Fall weather music.

This fall weather has me listening more and more to softer music, more guitar , more jazz…more indie This song by Thomas Cook has been on repeat. Sigh…. also the graphics in the video are absolutely fantastic. So creative. Thomas Cook (토마스 쿡) – 아무 것도 아닌 나 [MV HD] from oroshi on Vimeo. John Mayer.. always so fantastic and snuggly with his guitar Back to Manhattan by Norah Jones…has me feeling so nostalgic for the US. I miss the East Coast! Best to listen to on lazy Sundays as you potter about the house…with your soup bubbling away…. xoxo

Muse therapy with Organized Creatives

I really really love the guys at Organized Creatives , they are speaking my creative language right now. ..and helping to revive my burnt out Muse. (Thanks guys!) If you are a creative and are struggling a little (or a lot!) I would suggest subscribing on every social media platform they are on. I love how they are not bombarding us with info..drawing out the sometimes elusive Muse…who is probably just hiding under all those other things you are ‘busy’ doing. Above is one of their podcasts that I have on repeat! One important thing I do know to do though.Step away from the computer and go and do something else.Something totally unrelated to your creative work.This refuels the tank and get the juices flowing again. Tell me how do you get the juices flowing again? xoxo

Tweets of the week.

I love twitter.The randomness, the fun, the serous discussions, the ever growing discoveryMy favourite tweets of the week have been.. Funny. My coworkers and I determined that instead of blood, I have glitter in my veins. So yea, Friday’s been weird.— Brianna DeWitt (@bwitt722) October 17, 2014 Nostalgic. The jacarandas in Harare remind me of the jacarandas in Lusaka, so beautiful. Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa is still one of the most beautiful & peaceful cities in the world especially in full bloom.— Nigel MK Chanakira (@nigelchanakira) October 18, 2014 A little bit of wisdom thrown in. Set your own pace. You can’t walk a mile in the shoes of somebody who was running.— Kachepa Mtumbi (@KachepaMtumbi) October 12, 2014 Questions that need answers. Street Harassment – unwelcome heckling, groping and touching women. Why does this behaviour persist? Who finds it acceptable? #263Insaka— Insaka Chat (@InsakaChat) October 12, 2014 Discovered Lauren Diagle this week. Love her voice! Enjoy! 


You know how some books are #UnPutDownable (unable to put down – you keep reading becasue it is so good!) ?  You simply cannot stop reading it! Heart racing, pulse quickening…you almost rip the page as you turn it….! Every page you turn simply brings a new twist and before you know it, its three in the morning and…you’ve just read the last line…. Why didn’t I know about John Verdon all this time? Why have you been hiding all this information from me!  I read two of his books..on holiday….in 10 days…… ( yes  I did get to do a lot on my holiday and not just read!) Think of a number…I totally did not know what was going to happen in this book, every step of the way.. This was the first one I read..lets say it was downhill from the sense that it was so good I couldn’t stop! Now.THIS BOOK. Has me questioning all kinds of things. A lot of things I ever believed to be true….may indeed not be. Its …

#MagicalMusic Be someones Cheerleader!

Get your cheer leading outfit on! its time to change some lives! This wonderful image and quote is from Sandi Krakowski. Someone I can’t wait to meet! Here are some mellow songs that keep me happy as I potter about (because pottering about is the thing to do you know) Mellow is sometimes nice isn’t it though? Remember. Be someones cheerleader!

#MagicalMusic – Music I’m loving

A few choons (tunes) to make you smile, bop or be nostalgic… Music is powerful.Magic – Rude A nice reggae beat, laid down to the smooth vocals of a Julian Casablancas look alike.Yes!   Magic // Rude from Creativeseen // David Rousseau on Vimeo.Big Bang – Bad Boy G Dragon..what else is there to say? [MV] Big Bang – Bad Boy (subbed) from davidabadilla on Vimeo. Brooke Fraser – Shadow Feet Where will you be found when it all feels like its falling apart? Shadow Feet – Brooke Fraser from GospelVids on Vimeo. Travis – flowers in the window Amazing throwback! flowers in the window from shuttlecocking on Vimeo.

Wanderlust – Seoul,Korea

Have I told you I have the Korea bug so so bad? I want to go so bad! My friend Abi was just there recently and….sigh…. the green eyed monster was alive and well, watching her instagram. I’ve also caught the Kpop bug pretty badly. Just have a listen and thank me later. How amazing are these videos? I haven’t seen some good quality video, heard great vocals or seen great choreography like this in a long long time. #LongLiveBoyBands. #PrettyBoysRule  First song is called ‘Cant stop’ by CNBLUE , ugh.. I love them! This song is so upbeat, it doesn’t start out that way, but just listen.Beautiful!   next one is by EXO called Overdose. This may be my 2014 summer song. EXO-K – 중독 (Overdose) _ Music Video from Eric YoonWon Cheung on Vimeo. This song is amazing. I break into a dance every time I play it…which is every time! I’m surprised at how well they can sing..and dance. Move over JT…..Someone call the doctor #Overdose! Now for that lovey dovey RnB feeling …but from Kute Korean boys …

That spring feeling!

It starts to get warmer…my ears tingle…because the pop playing in my headphones just gets sweeter and maybe a little cheesier!  (I love kpop. Period. Don’t judge me.) A few so I’m listening to lately. A lot of feel good songs, and some Zambian soul for some soul soothing. Enjoy!


Everybody knows I love Beyonce.  (I’ve written a post on seeing her in concert.Yes, I will be at the next one. (Update – I was at the Mrs Carter show in Cologne. Amahhhzing darling!) There are many reasons I could write about why I love her. Her new album came out the other day. Blew my mind (as well as so many other people.I see you!) For her song flawless she features Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TEDx talk on feminism. Mind shattered. Her doing that connected her with African women on another level. Of course African women love Beyonce, we have danced, laughed cried, gotten dressed for a night out to her music for A VERY LONG TIME! But with this, yes, an African woman was being heard. A glorious African woman who made our summer 2013 all the more better by giving us the amazing book Americanah . It doesn’t matter that Beyonce herself is a black woman, but the fact that she has Adichie on her track, a woman who has threaded her hair like me, a woman who …