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Today you get permisson.

Today I’m giving you permission to do whatever you like for an hour. No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (whatever social media you’re on). Something that has to do with only you. No, don’t call or text or WhatsApp.   Just you.   Who am I to give you permission?   Well…you seem to not have given yourself any permission to do anything for you, that does not involve the approval of the masses.   Somebody has to.   xoxo

giving yourself permission

Give yourself permission.

Have you ever said out loud exactly what your heart desires? Or is it just sitting in your heart or swimming around your head? Spent this gorgeous afternoon laying under a huge tree, by the river, thinking about nothing (for once!) Rode the bike with the dog sitting in the front basket, came home and decided to complete the following phrases from Sarah  (First worksheet, don’t let the word college fool you.It’s applicable to everyone!) It’s in the present tense, because you want to a clear idea of what you really want. ‘ I have a job where I…’ Fill it in, could be anything! could be ‘…can walk to get there, use my photography skills, have flexible hours…’ As I went on I realised that  there are things I had not given myself permission to want. When you were ten and wanted to be an astronaut did you beat yourself down with how you were going to get there? You just said it over and over again, out loud to everyone. Why did you stop? …

Mistakes in friendship

Making mistakes in friendship

It’s been another great day that ended with me falling asleep in the back seat of the car again!i I love love love to sleep in the car….I remember doing it when driving back home from a tiring day of playing at primary school…..and vaguely feeling but yet loving my dad carrying me from the car….only to wake up when we got in the house and eat a big lunch before heading out to play again! (grin grin). Spent most of the day looking up recipes for my new passion for cooking,reading,chatting and scheming. I’ve had a good dinner and desert,and the reading continues…the new yorker really makes for great reading! I learnt today that no matter why or how long you are separated from someone,it all seems to work out in the end if you especially cared for each other. I’m glad to have chatted with two friends today that live in countries that are next door to the one I live in.It was bittersweet to laugh again,share an just be. Friends are real …