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Celebrating! with bubbly….

Took the time out yesterday to celebrate a several small milestones.Nothing really mind bending but milestones made significant by some special people and I.
I’m actually surprised at how good it made me feel,and how it motivated me…(I didn’t feel this huge rush of emotion and wake up in the morning behaving like I’m on some caffeine rush)
it just made me feel…yeah…I can do this.Its possible.It was just a small nudge in my heart and in my head,its possible.If something so small calls for champagne…..think of what will be when the bigger things are accomplished?!!

So…..yeah…not exactly champagne flutes….its one wine glass and a normal table one.Its the celebration that counted okay! I like to celebrate with bubbly,I like how it tickles my nose and throat….okay so it wasn’t exactly champagne it was sekt (sparkling wine)…but we be poppin bottles anyway! (fist pump!)

Whats your way of celebrating?I think this will definately help me keep on track and feeling motivated and hopeful about things to come….and I will need to remember this on those days when things seem to suck!

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