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Today I made peanut butter and oatmeal cookies,

….by just feeling my way around the recipe,measuring with my eyes…and tasting with my tongue…no I cannot taste with my ears but you know what I mean.They turned out pretty great!
 Been reading about peoples lists on lists of note and I love it.

Been reading through tonnes of blogs its unbelievable I am managing to do anything else!

Thinking of my friends, and one in particular,Mabula. She is so lovley and I adore her. What made me laugh this past week?
 1.talking to Lina on skype,we talk everyday and it guarantees laughs all the time 
2.Went to Blow Up Friday night and it was great to be back…when the door bouncer blows you kisses..its guaranteed to be a great night! 
3.Getting a random email telling me that a friend I have not seen in a while was spotted outside Blow Up the night before pretty drunk…yeah we go to Blow Up a lot. 
4. Having an awesome dinner with gorgeous Ahmed,wow,I love that boy. 
5.The episode of ‘new girl’ when she is determined to have a one night stand and Schmidt gets the tyres off his car stolen by ‘youths’ 🙂 well……its been a slow week of laughs I think,I’ve been inside mostly this week,its cold out and….excuses excuses…. but I have been spending a lot of time alone which I think is pretty cool.
 So I have a few pics…one is of the cobbled streets surrounding my city..killer for the heels out at night..but so so lovely in the winter light………

Another is of a boy on the bus, loved his mustard coloured jeans,his red earphones,his grey scarf…and his brown retro adidas bag…his shoes were also pretty European boys,they seem to throw together different pieces with effortless charm…

Another one of cobbles on my way to school

I think I need to work on laughing more this coming week….yes…project laugh more. 

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