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Deciding December…..

Dear You,
I know you come by here sometimes and read my posts.

Yes I know you do,and I just wanted to find out when you are finally going to make a decision, regarding that issue you’ve been working on (or not working on!) for so long.Why do you keep deciding against yourself?

Why do you always sway the other way and continually put the other persons thoughts,feelings etc above your own and hurt in the process? Take a chance and decide on you.

Day 7.You should have 
home made pancake mix,indeed you should!!

 Day many gifts do I owe you? I’d say 5 right? Some lovely winter wallpapers that you can download from lovely Kris atomic

Day 8. Book that ticket to Singapore like yesterday!!!

Day 9. Why Sex wont fix it. Is this something you need to change in your own life..? Its worth asking…

Day 10. What I’ve spoken about above.Allow yourself to make a decision that is about you, that propels you forward, that allows you to know that ultimately you can trust yourself.


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