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Embarassing moment

Primary school.Last day of the term.
There was three boys all the girls liked.
I had the upper hand with one of them because he was a family friend.So I had an advantage… 
(I’m giving away too much info here already..!)
I told my best friend that he had asked me to be his girlfriend and I had told him I’ll think about it.
The look of glee on her face was priceless!

As we chased each other around the car park, she screamed that she would  ask him if it was true.My blood froze!

A few minutes later my Mum was at the school gate to pick me up.I was mortified! 
I could see him in the distance playing football with the other boys.
I told my Mum I had forgotten my homework in class and rushed to class where I quickly scribbled a note.
‘If anybody asks, just say yes’

As I ran towards the car I dropped the note next to his satchel that was sitting in the grass as he continued with the rough and tumble game.

Fast forward to one month later, at a local carnival, there he was.
He swaggered towards me (He was looking cuter than a month before! )

‘Hey, did you write that note last term? Your friend said you did.’

I did what any normal young girl would do.

I ran away.

And now from posting this.They know.



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