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Embrace the silence

What if you are being called to a period of silence right now?

You have lots of friends, people you can call on at anytime, and people that can call on you at all times.

Your phone is never short of messages and pictures, your social media has a few notifications every day.There are a few likes, reposts, shares.

But lately, it seems hard to get a hold of people. You have not fought with anyone.

People just seem to really be busy.

You’ve even thought about posting more provocative content just to get a reaction from someone.It’s too quiet around here!

What if you are being called to silence?

What if the world around you is shaping you into something new? Something that does not involve your followers and your friends?

The silence is hard to embrace. You are practically begging for coffee dates, for a response to your ” Goodmorning, I’m just checking up on you 🙂 ”

Embrace the silence.

Embrace it.

Be still and hear. What is the Creator saying?

Hug it hard Real hard!

It is your friend. Listen to what you are being taught, see the signposts leading you to the  next level of your life.

Hugging you back!

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