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Favourite Sister girl



You ever find yourself screaming as you agree vehemently with a sister as she talks about something you find interesting?


Or when you walk away feeling learned, appreciate that the sisters are learned and …  just general #BlackGirlMagic vibes


Here are some newer  podcasts that take it church.

(I wrote a post a while back about which podcasts I was and still enjoy)

Four Black girls talking about.. everything! I love that there is four of them, dishing out different perspectives, and having different characters.

Heben Nigatu,Tracy Clayton  and their guest grab some drinks and have interesting conversations. Despite the fun vibe, they still get to the poignant questions and leave the listener satisfied, in a good mood and loving life.

I love the American life but with African roots (her words not mine 🙂 ) podcast. I love how informative and educational it is. I can feel her Africanness mirroring my own.

Evelynn is not a podcaster but a YouTuber.She is a funny sister ooooooh. I love to spend Sunday evening laughing , watching her videos.. with an enzyme face mask on, painting my toes… not caring what anyone else in the house is doing because.. #SelfCare

These are the episodes that I thoroughly enjoyed and hope you enjoy them too!

Back to the masking, nail polish, laughing Sunday !


Don’t forget to listen to my podcasts as well!

Diaspora truth : Remember when I spoke to the incredible Freddie Harrel?

and Getthismane with my girl Carla.

#BlackGirlMagic baby!

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