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Friday SHOUT OUT!!!

Just wanted to give a shout out to Kapesa Singogo Smith Chatterjee who keeps on keeping on,keeps pumping out the inspiration,who keeps pumping out the style….and writes like a beast!Read it!
She’s the hardest working technically newly wed that I know.She also has the cutest wrinkle on her nose when she laughs!In addition to her writing she is a stylist!This woman…..

Next is Dawn,did I tell you she saved my life some years ago in Boston?She is a writer and thinker and….she dances…she’s a mean machine.Check her out at

She took me to my first improv show in Cambridge Boston somewhere and we met a cute guy there..but he never came through..LAME.She has challenged me to read more.Her birthday week wishes were a great read.She has the biggest blue eyes ever and..loves to keep her hair short…she also loved to use Giovanni’s shampoo and  conditioner…….back then 🙂

Mr and Mrs Loerke who I have never met write a lovely blog,letters to each other everyday and share their adventures!They remind me to be grateful and just enjoy the people that are in my life.
Check them out here,

Thanks for crossing my path in one way or another guys…you rock (insert chicken dance here)

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