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Give yourself permission.

giving yourself permission

Have you ever said out loud exactly what your heart desires?
Or is it just sitting in your heart or swimming around your head?

Spent this gorgeous afternoon laying under a huge tree, by the river, thinking about nothing (for once!)
Rode the bike with the dog sitting in the front basket, came home and decided to complete the following phrases from Sarah 
(First worksheet, don’t let the word college fool you.It’s applicable to everyone!)
It’s in the present tense, because you want to a clear idea of what you really want.

‘ I have a job where I…’
Fill it in, could be anything!
could be

‘…can walk to get there, use my photography skills, have flexible hours…’

As I went on I realised that  there are things I had not given myself permission to want.

When you were ten and wanted to be an astronaut did you beat yourself down with how you were going to get there?

You just said it over and over again, out loud to everyone.

Why did you stop?
Why did I stop?

The ‘hows’..and my favourite ‘Does it make sense?’

I’m not even going to say a lot of those adult things people are supposed to say right now

I said one thing I really wanted today. Out loud.
I burst into tears,
I gave myself permission to want something, after a very long time!


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