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Hello September!

September, a beautiful month.
Also the name of an amazing Earth , Wind and Fire song.
In the Northern hemisphere, the beginning of the meteorological autumn is on the 1st of September
I am so grateful that it has began with the discovery of this blog post written by Allen Arnold.

Whose idea did you think it was for you to write anyway?
The Creator of this world gave you the desire to create with words.
Have you ever thought about why?
It’s not because the world needs more stories.
Or just a skill for you to pay the bills.
The reason is far more intimate.
And something most miss.
He gave you the gift of story because he enjoys spending time with you.

Just to spend time with me.Just to hang out. Just to laugh with myself about all the crazy ideas running amok in my head. Just because.

I also listened to the podcast about this blog post and he says so many things that just…..

I’m embarking on  photo challenge this September. (Found it on pinterest 🙂 )

Shall we do it together? Lets!
Are you on instagram? I am.  use the hashtags #SoulfulSeptember and #trulytwaambo

p.s Melody Gardot is divine.Listen.

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