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Kassie and I share a love for web series ( and maybe Korean dramas, but that’s a secret!) , she has a wonderful open heart and an adventurous supportive woman who has no idea what tremendous support she will be receiving on her own endeavors!

What do you celebrate about being a woman?
I celebrate our unique talents and ability to juggle multiple responsibilities. I
celebrate the ability to use my voice and opportunities given to me that others 
before me did not have. This is an exciting time to be a woman, considering all that women have been denied in the not so distant past. I also celebrate being a woman by learning from exemplary figures, who embody various aspects of feminism.
What do you wish other women knew?
I wish other women knew how special, beautiful, unique, strong and powerful they are. We have the ability to shape our own lives and identities. We should not be afraid to speak up, and we should not have a nonchalant attitude about matters that affect us. We should use our voices to fight for what we want and believe in. 
How do you express yourself creatively? 
I used to write but that has kind of fallen to the way side. I may or may not have two inactive blogs floating around on the Internet somewhere. Fun fact: I was once a contributing writer for the popular Trendsetters magazine under Youth Media (now Media 365) in Zambia. I might take up writing again someday.
How are you making a difference in the world?
I would like to believe that my small (in the grand scheme of things) yet significant actions make a difference in the world. I am very passionate about women’s rights and empowerment as well a wide variety of issues related to children. I have previously worked in a domestic violence shelter, advocating for abused women. This was probably the most challenging yet fulfilling work I have ever done. I have also been a mentor and tutor to girls from low- income families at my local Girl’s Inc chapter. That experience taught me that undeserved girls need all the resources and tools they need to excel in life, on top of the many socio-economic challenges they face. Hearing girls tell me they wish I was their mom or big sister is a pretty heart -warming experience. In those moments, I know I am doing something right by being a positive influence in that child’s life. To me, that is a difference made. Currently, I am a community ambassador for a local non- profit organization that works to stop the commercial sexual exploitation of children. This is a very sensitive and real issue, and is also the focus of my academic research. I also tweet about social justice issues but mostly on women and children. I think being an ‘internet activist’ is relevant in our present day, because there is so much one can learn and share through social media.
What do you believe is your calling and what are you doing about it?
I believe my calling is to be of service to others in any way I can. I have largely focused on women and children because I believe these are under served and vulnerable groups. There are so many issues that affect these two groups. For now, I am loosely involved with various organizations dealing with commercial sexual exploitation of children, human trafficking, human rights and gender equality.
How do you celebrate where you come from? 
I celebrate where I am from by exposing others to my culture. I often get asked where I am from and I use that as an opportunity to let others know about my country, my culture etc.My proudest “how do I celebrate where I’m from” moment would have to be when I collaborated on a special project about Zambia, with a local Boys & Girls Club for an annual cultural challenge. It was so rewarding to teach these kids about my country. I was quite emotional during the dress rehearsal because the kids put so much time and effort into learning about Zambia. They knew the president, the staple food, provinces, currency, and everything there was to know. They put together an amazing showcase for the cultural challenge, and it was just a lovely experience altogether. I felt like a proud parent.

What do you consider to be the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome?
I think one of the biggest obstacles I have had to overcome is doubting my capabilities. It’s a really crippling feeling. I’ve now adopted a positive, can-do attitude and that has helped me sail through life much better.
You can follow her on twitter @kassie_zm
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  1. Kassie says

    Thank you so much for the lovely feature Twaambo. I am deeply humbled.

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