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Links that made me go ‘hmmmmmm’

In my wanderings around the world wide web,I  came across a few pages that had me nodding emphatically yes yes yes!Or laughing out loud,or just plain ole thinking about things…

1.Dressing modestly helped one woman get over her body issues here ,

2.This dog shaming tumblr was really funny,all those that   have owned a dog could relate…and those thinking about it should take a look 🙂

3.So…anything I’ve ever wanted I can get it from myself ,

4.Go hard or go HOME ,

5. Garance Dore has a boutique for her fantastic illustrations. Got to get my hands on one!

6.Have you seen Iyanla yet?I love OWN,wish I got it on TV here ,

7. How about giving up on giving up ,

8.Most common death bed regret was…..

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