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Literature is my drug.

Its Friday,my favourite going out night of the week..and I’m at home watching tv 🙂

Woke up around 9 am….even though my alarm is set for 7.30.
I’ve never been an early riser.
I just cant seem to get it in my mind that work for everyone else starts at 8.
Its really a habit I have to change.
Its so great to lay in,wake up when I want.
Sure I will get up and switch the alarm off,and crawl back into my warm warm space,my womb like encosing,close my eyes and wake up an hour or later more,stretch languidly,sigh,say my prayers for the day and wait for something to urge me to get up.
Usually its my mum walking in, or her threatening to drive away without giving me a ride to work.
Then I’m ready to go.
I have not picked what to wear the day before like other sensible girls do…I wait to see how I feel.
tom boy (often) girly (sometimes) mysterious (4 times a month), its out the door after getting dressed, kisses to the dogs and into the car.

No breakfast.Ususally.

That’s why I eat like a pig at lunch.
Honestly I like to think I’m living life by my own design…..I honestly could not be bothered to get up early.Even when visiting my strict grandma whose question is always “are you ill?!!” with every lie in.She’d be shocked if she lived with us:)

Got home and gave the dogs a good scrub.They are GLEAMING!
The big dog has this luxurious black coat that has this great sheen now.He got a good brush which he loved.He’s the shy one and very patient so he loved the shampoo massage.
The little one is a little firecracker.She ‘s quiet during the actual shampoo but when she’s left to dry,its HOWL HOWL HOWL.
She doesn’t want to be in the house,she doesn’t want to be on the floor….maybe she just wants to be dry.
Needless to say smell I smell like dog now.
I don’t feel like hitting the town tonight.I’d rather stay at home with my clean dogs, Zadie Smith who I’m still trudging through…never did think I’d trudge through one of hers….maybe I should switch back to Ludlum to sort of numb the mind? 
Literature is my drug,both for euphoria and numbing escape 🙂
Was funny to laugh with my friend all the way in Australia this afternoon, and email back and forth 13 times with my best friend…just talking nonsense really.
They both make me smile and I miss them.
Off i go,to read a bit more,maybe a shower 🙂 and a late night pottering about.
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