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The luxury headphones every woman needs.

Wandering around the Premium Fashion exihibit in Berlin brought a lot of pleasurable and luxurious surprises my way. From the colourful fur slippers, to Couture Sponge Bob fashion… to …..amazing headphones made for women?

Intrigued I wondered closer, the shiny and very very pretty headphones catching my attention. What is this surprisingly appealing contraption laying here?

.. and how …beautiful!

I tentatively tiptoed over and Jan ( I found out her name later) approached me with a huge smile on her face. ‘Want to try them? ‘ she asked.


I nodded enthusiastically, unplugging my ipod from my  *cough cough*not so stellar headphones.

frends headphones

I plugged in the badass looking leather headphones with the oh so elegant gold rim.

The beat hit me, bass never sounded so good.


I saw Jans mouth moving, I couldn’t hear anything but I smiled and nodded because she must have asked me if I liked the sound right? She smiled right back..phew I must have gotten the question right..or she gets it all the time and just nods right at you as you experience the glory that these headphones are.

I took them of and drooled over all of the others laying in the elaborate display.

There were so many stylish ones to choose from..and you can change how they look by switching the cap. Frends headphones are have elegant details, sometimes flirty, sometimes tough , chich…whatever you want them to be.

Also the slim headband is important. It looks more feminine and doesn’t mess up your hair 🙂

Ah Luxury….

So whatever mood you are in, how you are feeling..and what you are wearing, Frends headphones have got you covered.

These were my favourite 🙂

Taylor Croc Rose Gold


So beautiful, so classy. All you need is Frends right? 🙂



Frends headphones


Designer luxury headphones, that look , feel and sound just right. 🙂


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