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Magical Day 2

The magic is here I told you!It snowed last night!It snowed for about an hour,big light fluffy snow flakes…..

Then it rained afterwards and  washed it all away,but it snowed nonetheless!
My gift to you today is a silent movie, The Little Match Girl, some of you may have read it as a child.It was written by the Danish Author Hans Christian Andersen.I remember loving that story as a child even though when I think about it it is a somewhat sad story.The beauty of the silent movie is its enchanting and is so different from the noisy blockbusters that I enjoy today.Silent movies make me feel like I’m in The Great Gatsby or something,don’t know how else to describe it 🙂
Now go find the ugliest sweater you have,put it on,ignore the suspicious looks from you family members and enjoy the rest of the day!
PS for the guys I found an interesting blog, its very new, with only two blog posts but I think its GREAT!

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