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Magical Day 3

It continues,this morning saw a glorious sunrise on the train to school,was still pretty dark when I left home,but the sunrise cheered me up plenty!
It snowed again today,but still getting swiftly washed away!
Spoke to  cousin of mine I have not spoken to in a long time and that was pretty darn good too!
Made some cheesy melanzane,looked kind of like this…we gobbled it up and I only thought of taking a picture after it was nice and cosy in my tummy 🙂

But anyway,its been a hectic day,and your gift for day 3 is this totally weird CAT,some people find it funny,I think its creepy.So … I’ve actually had a pretty tiring day and I know today’s gift is not too spectacular….but I’ve kept you in my somebody that would appreciate hearing you today.

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