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Magical December – Day 20

Reading Alexandra Franzen’s post ‘What would love do?’ had me thinking.
What am I going to do for Christmas for someone I don’t even know?
I’ll give.
I’ve given to several projects this year championing several causes that I believe in.
I’m astounded at how giving people around the world are.
I am where I am because people believed in me and gave towards my education.

The latest project is to send a student called Josias to school.We have 21 days to raise money for him, so please give!

I love to read Seth Godins short blog posts, the latest being –

If I could suggest just one thing you could do that
 would transform how 2014 goes for you, it would
 be this:
Select three colleagues, bosses, investors, 
employees, co-conspirators or family members that 
have an influence over how you do your work. 
Choose people who care about you and what you 
Identify three books that challenge your status quo, 
business books that outline 
new attitude/approach or strategy, or perhaps 
fiction or non-fiction that challenges you. Books you’ve read that you need them to read.
Buy the three books for each of the three people, 
and ask them each to read all three over the holiday break.’

You can read the rest of this post here
Isn’t that a great idea?

Need some free ios7 vector icons? well…you pay
 with a tweet..but you can get them here

Also these photoshop tutorials are very very handy. 
Trust me.

You are a glitterbomb of glory. (remember 50 ways to say you are awesome? )

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