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#MagicalMusic-Music I’m loving


Yes, I know you have noticed my K-pop fever in the last ‘Music I’m loving’ posts.

I ain’t sorry.

As usual, I’m sharing the jams I have going on repeat! This is the kpop playlist. I’m listening to that a lot lately. A LOT.

CNBlue and their new album Blueming. It’s a different sound from when they first began, similar to another album they did, called ‘Can’t Stop’. I love the sound and dreamy feeling it gives right now in spring. (The name Blueming is apt)


Crush lends his impressive RnB vocals to this track, giving me a much-needed feel of the 90’s RnB vibe.Crush em!


Dean killing it on this live version of ‘ Half Moon ‘ *swoon * Listening to this, I am very impressed with how smooth his voice is and what kind of vocal range he has. Love this is sunny days, on walks, wearing girly clothes … and Dean <3


Crush again, this time with a sad sounding love song. I really like Crush, he does it for me with his songs.


Last and not least, everything #Lemonade by Beyonce. You know where to get it. TIDAL.


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