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#MagicalMusic – Music I’m loving

Here are some songs I’ve had on repeat lately.

Some new sounds, some old, but still so good!

Majid Jordan, you probably know them from a song they did with Drizzy (Drake) .

Really love the black and white video!

Picture me rolling down the street top down, shades on…just rolling.

Music, helping us ride cars better for years.

Mark Ronson. Always good. I’d love to tap into his creative genius!

Always good. Musical genius.

I’d love to tap into his creative genius!


Jung Yonghwa front man of CNBLUE, a Korean band, always so stylish, always so cute, incredible songwriting skills.

Dido’s song ‘White flag’ .

Still so good.

So many memories of wandering streets, angsty, playing this on my disc man. Yes you read that right.

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