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I first met Makeda at a Natural Hair meeting in Cologne (Germany) where she beautifully serenaded us with her lovely voice.She was also really funny and comfortable to be around, very open. She is indeed a rock star, trust I’ll be in the fan stands, rooting for her!

What do you celebrate about being a woman?

I love being a woman, because we feel, we love and we give. Compassion, empathy and softness are often seen as our weaknesses, but I think they are our greatest strengths. 

What do you wish other women knew?

I wish other women, including me sometimes, were to know that they are beautiful, no matter what women like Beyonce (Yes), Shakira and Rihanna, the fashion industry and the media dictate as being beautiful and as being successful. Often I feel the pressure to look like them, to be like them, to always have to be beautiful, to follow the trends, be more this, be more that. It’s tiring and frustrating never to feel like you are the ideal, that you are the standard. Your hair is not long, straight or blond, but short or frizzy, you’re not tall enough, not sexy enough. It is my hope that these beauty standards will soon be overthrown. It’s okay to be the way you are. 
How do you express yourself creatively?

I sing and write, I am still working on finding the right words to express my feelings and opinions. It’s a journey

How are you making a difference in the world?

Well I do communicate what I feel very strongly and I try as best as I can, to live what I preach. No one is flawless, and I hope to be able to convey the 
message I want to share with more people who feel like me, but also in the future hope to be able to achieve changes in the way people think about certain societal prejudices and standards. It is never enough. I am sure I could be doing a lot more. There are so many areas where there is still urgent work to be done and help to be given and examples to be set.

What do you believe is your calling and what are you doing about it?

I am not quite sure, I really hope that my calling is to use the gifts God gave 
me to uplift and help people I am still trying to figure out how to channel it. 

How do you celebrate where you come from?

Well I am half German and half Trinidadian, but I like to define myself first and foremost as being myself. My family are my home and where I come from. What they have brought with them and given to me is my foundation and what I stand on. Being mixed has been both a challenge and a blessing. Instead of feeling like I don’t belong to either of the cultures, I have decided to embrace both and belong everywhere.

What do you consider to be the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome?

My biggest obstacle. I guess, is sometimes me. Struggling to figure out how I fit in this world, and where my place is, fighting myself and who I am. At the same time I sometimes have to struggle against letting others make me feel bad about myself, them telling me how to be, pushing me into stereotypes, or beating myself up for not living up to my own or others’ expectations. Yes, I have gone through painful times, painful incidents, but I think the struggle of not being happy with yourself is the biggest of all. Very often you tend to be your own enemy and the one standing most in your way. I have the feeling I am winning though (smile).

Connect with her using her facebook page or get a taste of her music on youtube .
Her band is also on facebook!
Experience her at work on this really cool video.

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