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So fly

This busy bee, residing down under working hard under incredible conditions 😛 (impossible time zone difference to name one!) is such a great connector of people. An experienced paralegal but now working full time on other projects , she is a stealth blogger and business woman.She is a writer, a connector,an organiser…the many hats she wears!Did I mention she also does radio?

What do you celebrate about being a woman?

This is a hard one! ;-). Everything that’s cliche about being a woman I celebrate but I also realise that being a woman is more than just having certain body parts or looking a certain way. I think what I celebrate the most is the confidence of knowing that I am a woman without having to prove it to anyone.

What do you wish other women knew?

That no one defines you. Not other women. Men. When we allow others to define us we give away our power. We are told that being a woman means being able to give birth or to be a mother. What about those who are unable to conceive? We are told that being a woman means to be curvy or to have breasts. What about those women who are naturally not curvy or those who have had breast cancer and have had to have mastectomies?

How do you express yourself creatively?

From a young age I was a reader of note. Books calmed me, took me to another place and made me think of the world as a place full of possibilities. So it was a natural progression to start writing. First in journals and now blogging. Writing is always a cathartic process for me and it’ also a fun process. I’m well known amongst friends to write a lengthy, detailed email or two.

How are you making a difference in the world?

I don’t know if I am but I like to think that I’m a connector of people and also a collaborator.  Through my current passions Diasporan Darlings and C1rca1964 I hope I’m helping people to put their creative work on display, helping people to feel connected and inspired. Hopefully those platforms inspires someone, somehow and somewhere.

What do you believe is your calling and what are you doing about it?

I realised that I liked to help people come up with ideas to pursue their dreams, to promote their work/content , to counsel them through shared experiences and also to link people up. So it was only natural for me to be a co-founder of Diasporan Darlings where we produce appealing and informative content that seeks to inspire and empower our readers. We also showcase and promote Africa’s untapped talent, ventures and successes from within Africa and the world at large and finally we’ve  created a social community and network that engages all Africans, especially those in the Diaspora.

How do you celebrate where you come from?

Living in the diaspora makes me more Zambian than if I was at home. I take every opportunity to find and cook foods from home (especially when I’m homesick). I listen to Zambian music all the time, I immerse myself in finding and connecting Zambian creative’s and then promoting them on any platform I can.

What do you consider to be the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome?

Illness. Especially when it put me in a position to put aside a lot of my dreams and changed who I was, my perceptions about life, the friends who I have now and generally, it’s overall effect on my life. I’m grateful that I’m now healthy and happier but the obstacle is recovering from that time. Sometimes feeling that I’m playing catch up with my peers.

For more of Mukuka’s work please visit her sites Diasporan Darlings and c1rca1964  .You can also follow her on twitter @misskkj

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