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New Year! New things!

(image copyright suze q photography)
Its a new year!
How is it treating you?
Well I hope! New Year, new things!
But first old things.
I owe you guys 4 advent gifts. See what had happened was (cheeky grin) I went away for the holidays and had quietened the social media to a mere hum..
So four gifts.Go!
1. Your 2014 business blacklist . If you’re doing these things I agree.Please stop.

2.Get the Pocket app already!

3.This one is random how to poop. Are you having problems? (hysterical laughter!)

4. Sign up for an online course , so many great courses there!

What new things are happening? Well the From a wildflower site went live on 1/1/14.I’m excited because I’m also writing on the project and I am blown away by all the blog entries. 
Continuosly surprised by how strong women are, how much they go through and that the world needs to hear our stories! This is what I do with Mukaintu.

Another new thing is I would love to connect with you guys more on social media! 
Have I mentioned that I love love love twitter and Pinterest ? 
Lets connect and get some dialog going guys, don’t want to just write AT you 🙂

pssst just one last important gift , hope its helpful. For even more help go to


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