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 Reenie, such a well of information, hilariously funny and amazing content curator! Need information? Then get to reading her twitter time line!

What do you celebrate about being a woman?

I’m an only girl with four brothers – which meant growing up my closest friends were my brothers and I was a tom boy to boot! I loved being able to do all the stuff that was traditionally meant for ‘boys’ which included washing and polishing the car, now you might wonder what has this got to do with celebrating being a woman right? Well being a woman that my mother brought me up to be means being multi-dimensional – I am feminine but not weak, I’m comfortable talking about knitting as I am talking about rugby. And that is what I celebrate the most!

What do you wish other women knew?

That instead of competing against each other, mindless gossiping and envy – women are a much stronger force when they come together and work together!

How do you express yourself creatively?

I curate content – I write, I tweet (yes I seriously did mention tweeting as a creative outlet, it is 2013 after all LOL!).

How are you making a difference in the world?

By making sure I focus on the different positive stories that are out there and share them with the world on Chaud. Is it cliche to mention that ‘I was Here’ by Beyonce is actually my life theme song – so in every day with every story we tell on Chaud, or a tweet we send, web series we curate or an email I send out to a friend or stranger we hope it touches some-one and makes a difference in the world. I strongly believe that those little every day actions actually make a great impact just as much as one huge action.

What do you believe is your calling and what are you doing about it?

Beyonce’s ‘I am here’ plays again…LOL..No seriously as stated above I strongly believe that little actions and gestures make an impact and I believe my calling is to always at least each day make some-one smile whether friend or stranger and I do that by stories that we share on Chaud, the listening ear and just being there!

How do you celebrate where you come from?
I think the latest Issue on Chaud ‘The New Africa’ issue is how I celebrate where my roots are. I might not shout it out everyday but as Kwame Nkurumah said ‘I’m African not because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me’. And oh the ability to speak quite a few African languages other than Shona is another way I celebrate being African.

What is the biggest obstacle I have had to come?

Biggest obstacle? Hmmm embracing the fact that I’m an introverted extrovert (an introvert who seems extrovert ) and that’s really who I am and loving that introverted geek who can express herself with words and art and fashion!

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  1. I enjoyed Reenie’s interview and I’ve just had a look around Chaud – I’ll be following!

    Where is Reenie from, by the way?

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