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#MagicalMusic – Music I’m loving

A few choons (tunes) to make you smile, bop or be nostalgic…

Music is powerful.Magic – Rude

A nice reggae beat, laid down to the smooth vocals of a Julian Casablancas look alike.Yes!
Magic // Rude from Creativeseen // David Rousseau on Vimeo.Big Bang – Bad Boy

G Dragon..what else is there to say?

[MV] Big Bang – Bad Boy (subbed) from davidabadilla on Vimeo.

Brooke Fraser – Shadow Feet
Where will you be found when it all feels like its falling apart?

Shadow Feet – Brooke Fraser from GospelVids on Vimeo.

Travis – flowers in the window
Amazing throwback!

flowers in the window from shuttlecocking on Vimeo.

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