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Samba Yonga

With nine years experience in both print and broadcast journalism, Samba is an established media practitioner  with experience on both regional and international levels. Her work has also been recognised in the media fraternity by being nominated for professional awards in her professional capacity and winning an international award for her work with Big Issue Zambia.
She expresses herself in a witty but soulful manner and enjoys dabbling in the arts. 
What do you celebrate about being a woman?
The fact that we can be ferociously ambitious get out there and work our butts off but then in same breath have children, crave romantic dinners and wish for a man who will love us for the rest of our lives!!!! *big smile*

What do you wish other women knew?
That people will respect you if you respect yourself.

How do you express yourself creatively?
Wow, a fun question! I think it changes from time to time. When I was in my teens and early 20’s it was in the clothes that I wore. I would rock magenta hush puppies, maroon and blue hair, rings on all fingers… Then in my late 20’s it was sort of with my work and the projects I chose… I think now in my 30’s I’ve gone back to dress but in a more matured sort of oaky format with different facets exposing how my pallet of creativity has changed.
How are you making a difference in the world?

Oh dear, I don’t think I wake up thinking… ‘I need to make a difference in the world’ but I do choose what I do, even down to giving my son his bowl of breakfast, and how it is going to contribute to a better sense of life in my immediate vicinity. Too often we want to start from the top and think we can radicalise a way of being… It’s starting with the little things that really take effect…
What do you believe is your calling and what are you doing about it?

It changes every day… But so far I think the most consistent, being the role of story teller… Though it has been in various forms and still continues to change.

How do you celebrate where you come from?

Oooh, I cry every day, I can’t wait to go back home! I also tell stories about it, engage with it, I tell my children about it and most importantly I think I it’s important that we document it so we can preserve it!
What do you consider to be the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome?

You can read more from Samba on her blog or follow her on twitter @kuwaha
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