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Shenanigans in Seoul ..

So this is what happened. We wandered up the street in the warm Seoul air, I smelt like Be Delicious by Donna Karan (my favourite!) , M casually carrying that gorgeous strawberry cake, K with her big gorgeous smile. We had spent the day shopping, drinking coffees ( sweet potato latte for me please!) and just general awesome Seoul life chilling. We got to the restaurant and continued laughing and joking up the stairs. We had arrived at Braii republic. I was the most excited one because I was getting to eat African food again. Not just any African food, but from the Southside, my general area of Africa. I was salivating at the thought of boerwors, maybe some pap..ahhh We walked in and informed the smiling waitress we were meeting some people. The place was busy and smelled really good. All the memorabilia hanging on the wall immediately giving me that feeling, I was on home turf… technically . Was that a castle lager sitting on that table? The waitress led us to the back, the …

#MagicalMusic – Music I’m loving

  What is it about Country music? I don’t know if it’s from my Texas days, but country music will get me going anytime anywhere! It’s adventurous, its funny and its.. oh so romantic 🙂 Here are a few tunes to get you laughing, swaying and appreciating the new crop of Country artists. Enjoy! Luke Bryan is an absolute favourite.Love this song.       Love this one! Drunk on your love! This one is a total gem. Chris Stapleton brings that smokey soulful sound to country. It’s the blue really. He has an amazing voice. Swoooon! Also, he sings it with Justin Timberlake. Enough said.   Then I found this video with an hour long worth of some of my favourite songs. Eee Eee eek! Enjoy! <3

Fall weather music.

As the leaves turn golden, and we hurry to get indoors because its nippy out there… the playlist on the ipod also begins to change. A little more country, a little more indie, gospel still going on strong .. I have these going on repeat. Enjoy! Lianne’s voice is amazing in her new album Blood.   Been revisiting Lifehouse this year, I loved them then and I love them even more now! A little bit of country from Dan + Shay ( cute country boys and cute puppy dogs)   my girl Sza   Edwin McCain, remember this one? *twirls* Whats fall without some kpop? Big Bang were a favourite of mine this year. ‘No Make up ‘ by Zion T Last and not least the Hillsong ‘Glorious Ruins ‘ album I have had going all year! God is good! All the time.