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Thank you me.

It was a balmy Friday evening, I was out walking the dog. Bundled in a coat we walked in the silence. It was not as cold as I expected it to be.
‘Thank you ‘ I whispered.
Deeper inside me I also thanked myself.
For staying home after a long day at work, for putting myself first and getting some rest.
‘Thank you me, for looking after yourself’ I whispered again.
It felt good.

Whisper a thank you to yourself for little things you do for yourself.
Thank you me for taking out the trash otherwise my place would smell.
Thank you me for going to bed early you need it.
Thank you me for taking care of your health by getting some exercise.
Thank you me for working hard at work.
Thank you me for always trying even when it seems hard.

Remember to sometimes dish out the kudos to yourself.

You deserve to appreciate yourself.

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  1. Daphne Harrison says

    Inspirational – to thank yourself for the ordinary things you do. Sometimes it’s not always obvious that you’re actually doing it for your own benefit, like taking out the trash!

    I liked this.

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