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the blackout

About to embark on what I may call ‘the blackout’ meaning…I will make no attempt to need to save anyone as a form of validation for myself,this is really really hard for me.

I love to save people to make myself feel validated.
This comes at a good time, I’m moving to a new apartment,with a new friend…and its fall…the season is changing..for everything my life.

Y moved away and is living his own adventure,its incredible how quickly things have moved in a positive direction for him ever since he took that first step,I thank God for the amazing things he is doing…and now its my turn,I can see myself having so much peace and calm on the inside and I want it so bad..and now it is time.and it is scary.

Also I’m working on making a pledge…for 6 months.
Thats a long time!!
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