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Tweets of the week.

I love twitter.The randomness, the fun, the serous discussions, the ever growing discovery
My favourite tweets of the week have been..


My coworkers and I determined that instead of blood, I have glitter in my veins. So yea, Friday’s been weird.
— Brianna DeWitt (@bwitt722) October 17, 2014

The jacarandas in Harare remind me of the jacarandas in Lusaka, so beautiful.

Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa is still one of the most beautiful & peaceful cities in the world especially in full bloom. pic.twitter.com/HAy5tgoLRe
— Nigel MK Chanakira (@nigelchanakira) October 18, 2014

A little bit of wisdom thrown in.

Set your own pace. You can’t walk a mile in the shoes of somebody who was running.
— Kachepa Mtumbi (@KachepaMtumbi) October 12, 2014

Questions that need answers.

Street Harassment – unwelcome heckling, groping and touching women. Why does this behaviour persist? Who finds it acceptable? #263Insaka
— Insaka Chat (@InsakaChat) October 12, 2014

Discovered Lauren Diagle this week. Love her voice! 

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