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Wanderlust fulfilled – I’ve got Seoul

Remember that post I wrote a year ago about wanting to go to Seoul. Korea?

Well, guess who just came back from there?!

I spent three weeks in Korea, eating, shopping and being merry!

I had an amazing time! There are no words to express how enthralled I was, how much I ate and how much being there experiencing it made my life happy. 🙂 )

When I first got to Seoul I was staying in Gangnam (Yes Gangnam of Psy fame ) and was immediately mesmerised by how clean everything was. (I live in Berlin, it has its not so clean parts 🙂 ) We quickly checked into our hotel and I quickly turned on the T.V. If you want to get to know a nation, watch what they are watching. ( I was in the land of Kpop and Kdramas, it was time to dive in immediately!)

Gangnam is a very wealthy area, ( My friends laughed at me for being very surprised at a really badly parked Maserati as we walked down to the river. Who badly parks a Maserati? There are so many laying around Gagnam its crazy)

Gangnam is a lovely mix of skyscrapers, cute cafe’s , and restaurant (also in the back streets) selling some amazing food. I was lucky enough to be housed on a main street, had plenty of access to cafe’s and could easily hail one of the orange or grey taxis that dotted the street. Being an avid kpop and k drama fan I was well aware of how well-dressed everyone was before I landed and was very happy with all my ‘good clothes’ I had packed. I’ve never ben so put together in my life 🙂

Had quite a time finding a bank that would accept my card and give me glorious won to spend, BUT after a million tries with lots of ATMs, Standard Chartered came to my rescue. (Later on, KB Star Bank ATMs also spit out glorious spending money)

Gangnam was fancy, bursting at the seams with designer wear and clothes, well-dressed business men and women, and an occasional cute boutique.

Most evenings in Gangnam were spent eating delicious Korean food at well-chosen restaurants (chosen by my Korean friend). Evenings I sat for a while watching the skyline before getting myself engrossed on what was showing on T.V or planning the next day’s adventure.

Spent lots of Won at the Coex mall  (코엑스몰)



Ate everything Sweet potato ( that’s a sweet potato (goguma) latte and a sweet potato pie,and other delicious fares.



Next part of my stay was in bustling Itaewon. It is such a lively part of Seoul boasting great restaurants and bars, offers some shopping and is a great place for friends to hang out. I had a great time there, hanging with friends, eating Korean barbeque , sipping fancy  drinks at fascinating places long into the night. Itaewon is home to a lot of non-Koreans (the US military base is there) and very popular right now to hang out and eat.

There is also a lot of shopping to done in Itaewon…. but I had had my fill in Gangnam . ( okay okay so Skinfood was right around the corner and I needed their black sugar scrub!)

I found everything so alluring, the food, the culture, the beauty <products> .

Some of my favourite places in Itaewon included  Treff. This cafe/bar boasted of an inviting well-done interior with an amazing rooftop giving you quite the view of Seoul. My friends and I found ourselves wandering back to this place seemingly every day and enjoying their unconventional and appealing to the eye ( and taste buds) drinks


bluberry-ade from Treff

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate on Treff rooftop


The service  was always great and lots of people milled around the 3 story cafe. Do visit, the rooftop is amazing!

Ways of seeing Cafe/ Gallery was another place I was very impressed with. The food was really delicious, the atmosphere even better. It boasted of so many quirky things to look at I was constantly surprised even as I gobbled all the yummy food!

nom nom nom nom

nom nom nom nom

There is so much to write about Seoul, the city steeped deep in innovation but somehow still holding on to its traditional culture. It struck me as a place I could not get tired of visiting, a place where I am constantly trying new things to eat .. maybe even a place I could live for a couple of years? Who knows.

If you have not been, you certainly must pack that bag and go!



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