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Wanderlust – Seoul,Korea

Have I told you I have the Korea bug so so bad?

I want to go so bad!

My friend Abi was just there recently and….sigh…. the green eyed monster was alive and well, watching her instagram.

I’ve also caught the Kpop bug pretty badly.

Just have a listen and thank me later.

How amazing are these videos? I haven’t seen some good quality video, heard great vocals or seen great choreography like this in a long long time.

#LongLiveBoyBands. #PrettyBoysRule

 First song is called ‘Cant stop’ by CNBLUE , ugh.. I love them! This song is so upbeat, it doesn’t start out that way, but just listen.Beautiful!


next one is by EXO called Overdose. This may be my 2014 summer song.

EXO-K – 중독 (Overdose) _ Music Video from Eric YoonWon Cheung on Vimeo.

This song is amazing. I break into a dance every time I play it…which is every time! I’m surprised at how well they can sing..and dance. Move over JT…..Someone call the doctor #Overdose!

Now for that lovey dovey RnB feeling …but from Kute Korean boys (see what I did there? ) is a lovely song called ‘Just one day’ by BTS aka Bangtan Boys

BTS Just one day Music Video from Hyunwoo Nam on Vimeo.


Seoul Seoul Seoul… when will we meet? 
(I have a few accomplices that are willing to go…soon Seoul…soon we will be united!)


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  1. Hahaha, hon say the word and I will join you on that trip to Seoul! You will love it. Thank you so much for the introduction to Kpop, I was jamming to the “can’t stop me now” tune all holiday and those Exo boys? Can we have a moment for them? They can MOVE!

    Right that’s it, go have a look at that diary of yours and make some space and find a date. South Korea awaits you!


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