Been gone a while but I was on a much needed holiday with my family and friends that live all over the world.We all congregated in my home country and had a blast!
I’m hoping that your festive season was wonderful and filled with life’s little pleasures!

I fell in love with writing again, I slept, I ate mangoes by the bucket loads,I was babied by my mother and sister……it was fantastic.I hung out with a lot of fantastic friends (you guys rock!) and even went to my high school reunion which was really really funny.Everyone was the same except they were married or had kids!It was fantastic!

2013 will be a great year I tell ya!
What did my trip back home teach me?That  sometimes you have to go back in order to see how far you have come.I have a new attitude,not one made by just making a new years resolution,but by seeing how much goodness has been in my life even when it didn’t feel like it.
My book worm tendencies lead me to a very interesting read on how a pastor got to feel what it was like  to be treated badly…by a guy calling himself Jesus.
Good read!
Glad to be back with you all,let the fantastic living begin!!!

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