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3 quality questions

Took some time off to spend with my family and it has been great!
Learned a lot about communication!!
Reading the following blog post from Daniella LaPorte who always writes so provocatively, constantly challenging my way of thinking felt like a slap in the face? Why? I had never asked myself these questions

One of the questions was
1. Name 3 people that make you feel like yourself, you feel stronger, brighter, surer after spending time with them
……..and ultimately the question was what do you want to be of the highest quality in your life…..

I never asked myself this, some people would say shoes, technology…for me its hotels….when I  travel I have to stay at a nice place…but that is me answering the question in a trivial way…I continue to ask myself this question with regards to things closer to my heart and the results are surprising.

Check out her post here


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