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5 ways you can help out a creative friend.

Your creative  friends are waiting for you,wondering why you have done any or more of the following!

  •  Buy some of their work – Its such a liberating feeling to finally get paid for your creative work.Even if it is bought at a ‘friend’ price. Insist on buying it full price. Be the one to boost your creative friends confidence.Be the one to get the ball rolling.
  • Promote their work on social media – tell your facebook friends, your twitter followers, and everyone on whatever social media platform you are on about the great work your friend is doing. Get the word out there. ‘Take a look at this great….! Isnt it interesting? (Insert name here) creates these amazing pieces..”  something like that.
  • Find someone you know that can use their services and vouch for them.After all you do believe your friend can deliver right? Right?
  • Offer them your own service in exchange for theirs. Is your friend a gifted artist or writer? Have them do something for you, and in return..you do their taxes or…..whatever it is that you do 🙂
  • encourage encourage encourage! Be their biggest cheerleader! The world needs more beautiful things. Be the one that supports their creation


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