A bee.

Hey everybody!
Sorry to have been away for so long!Its been busy,been writing a little bit on a new blog targeted for women called Mukaintu , becoming a part of a great group of people that talk about different issues on Blog talk radio , doing my internship for my degree, and as of today taking a nice carefree walk to enjoy the weather.Its official,spring is here!
This is only half of what I have been doing.Been a busy little bee and I have loved it…..mostly because of giving myself permission to be me.Yup,I love doing this kind of stuff and I do not feel bad anymore about doing it!
I still love sharing my thoughts with you over here so I will keep doing it!
Happy Sunday!
Remember…..give yourself permission to heal,to love and most of all to just be!
  1. Well we’re glad you’re back:)

  2. Gladyouareback!

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