Daniel speaks : A spirit of excellence


The guards held me in their steel grips, whether it was with a thirst for my death or fear of what that dungeon held I don’t know. They held me firm nonetheless as we stumbled down the dark damp walkway, the light from the fire torches they were holding flickered on the wall.
We were drawing closer to it. How did I know? I could hear animalistic noises coming up ahead. My heart accelerated. I was about to lose my shit. I was sweating and shivering at the same time. I pulled back, this couldn’t be.
I was losing it. I had never spoken to anybody that had died before to find out how it felt, let alone anyone that has been mauled to death by lions.
I started to plead, I dug my bare heels in, not feeling them tear and start to bleed. I could not feel anything but the need to get away, to be safe. They dragged me with their great strength as I reasoned ways of escape, how could I get back above ground without being caught? As we finally stood in front of that door I bucked wildly, tears streaming from my face! This cannot be. I screamed for them to let me go, I screamed for mercy! But they were afraid, for if they didn’t hand me over to those beasts it would probably mean death for them. It was a game of survival on both ends. A third goon opened the door. We drew back momentarily, my screams halting as we spied a great lion suddenly turn towards the open door. The drawing back was just to gain momentum to throw me in, the way one draws back a rubber band.
I was catapulted into that dungeon at a speed faster than I would have liked. I scrambled to a halt and looked around terrified! So many fierce animals, their luminous eyes looking at me with interest.
I wished right then that I was dead.
Would this God that I had believed in care that I was here? If he cared why hadn’t he sent his angels to smite those goons even before we for here! Now here I was, what was I supposed to do? I crouched in a corner crying hysterically.
As a couple of lions came towards me I crouched even harder, imagining their teeth tearing into my flesh. I closed my eyes. This was it. At least I would get to shake my fist in Gods’ face real soon.
And then… Nothing. They sniffed me, and almost unceremoniously walked away, and this happened time and time again… Over the course of the night. Some of them didn’t even bother with me… As if I was boring. I was almost insulted!!!!
…….. I only got to meet God face to face much later in my life.
But he saved me from that encounter in a way I would have never imagined.
I was in the most insanely dangerous place you could think of, but he turned those fierce animals into loving pussycats… I was almost sad to say goodbye to them when it was time to leave.
When I heard the kings voice on the other side of that dungeon door I screamed ‘Long live the King!’
I had not forgotten my spirit of excellence.
Boy was he glad to see me!
The story of Daniel in the bible has always intrigued me. It’s impressive that Daniel was excellent in spirit and was favoured and so he was set above all princes.
But it’s what happens in the den that intrigues me.
If he was telling me the story, I imagine it to go something like what I just recounted.
He still had the kahunas to say long live the king after that debacle?
This would have been me.


After the princes couldn’t pin him with doing anything wrong and resorted to using his religion to get him into trouble?
What areas of your life are you showing excellence?
Forging on even after the ‘king’ throws you in the ‘den’?
Be excellent!
You are an excellent human being.
It will take you places.

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