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Hi  I’m Twaambo Kapilikisha

I am a black, english speaking, life coach based in Berlin. I have lived in this exciting city for 4 years now.

I consider life and business coaching to be essential for making a plan and seeing it through, while at the same time it is important to keep a healthy work-life balance.

What I offer

  • Online life coaching
  • Empowerment coaching
  • Personal coach
  • Help people with their work life balance
  • Female empowerment coach

What motivated me to do this?

Having a new source of ideas and a different perspective is a need that people have no matter how old they are. A good  coach is a source of this. Being clear on where you want to go and WHY you want to go there is something that a coach can help you with.

Why should you hire me?

Coaching with me is about being in a space where we can laugh, discuss and help YOU figure out what you want, why you don’t have it and how to get it ( within reasonable means, I’m not helping you bag someone else’s partner okay?) 

email me : twaambo@trulytwaambo and we can get to working!