Accept..then release

I pushed my way up a busy escalator milling with people ” Excuse me! Excuse me!”
I pushed people out of the way. 
Didn’t they know ‘Links gehen, Rechts stehen’?! (If you’re going on the left, if you’re standing on the right.)

I ran towards the platform… But the train was long gone. I didn’t even see it chugging down the train tracks.. It was just.. Gone. 
I stood there is disbelief. I swallowed several choice swear words.

I stomped my feet as I went down the stairs. I was going to have to wait a whole hour for the next connection.

Oh it was frustrating. And painful!
Trudging around the bookstore, looking but not seeing the books I fumed!
(this is very strange for a bookworm, in a book store and not seeing books?!)

Then.Finally I told myself, the train has gone, there is nothing I can do about it. There was no other connection,I had to wait.
My shoulders slumped. And I exhaled.


I continued looking around.. Oh a new book by Nick Hornby? I like him….

Acceptance removed the pain from that experience.

There are things that we can change that we must be angry about and let this anger fuel a constructive change.

Then there are things you simply cannot change. Things where energy is wasted.
At these moments we must simply accept that we cant change something and move on.
Accept, release. Be at peace.
I have 14 minutes left till the train comes. It’ll be a good ride home.

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