Chatting with my girlfriend this morning made me uncomfortable,she was asking questions that pushed me to vulnerability and I was as skittish as  a shy horse!

I thought if this is what therapy is like…..smh

So she  was delving into what makes me feel loved,and she kept pressing,even throwing in the ‘these are not trick questions’.
As she pressed on I discovered (through various periods of silence,eye rubbing,a quick shower and sighing!) that I feel loved when I feel I am fully accepted.

When I feel that no matter what I do or say,you will laugh it off with me,cry with me,scream at me when I need it…and just accepting me as I am.
Another question was ‘why do you think your mother loves you?’ well duh because she’s my mother!but…..because she accepts me just as I am. That’s it.

That was my aha! moment for today.
If I am at ease and feel that nothing I can do (within parameters of course!ha!) can make you look your nose down at me,then I feel loved.
I feel loved when I feel accepted.
When do you feel loved?think about it….

Think about it….

  1. I’ve come across your blog during my nocturnal internet meandering, and I just had to stay a while. I can relate to almost every post.

    • Hi there,thanks for stopping by 🙂 I’m glad to hear someone relates to how I feel about some things.Now going to explore what you’re writing about 🙂

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