You met someone, you liked them, you got along with them.
You met someone else, you liked them you got along with them, but they started to whisper in your ear poisonous things about the first person you met. 
You change your tune, you believe what you hear. You tailor your behaviour to what the person said, and not according to YOUR experience.

A lot of what we hear about people influences how we treat them.

Whispers in the school hall, whispers in the office hallways.

You put on the glasses tinted with whatever you have been told about a person and only wear them when they are around.

You have narrowed your view, and narrowed them down to what you heard.

Most of the time what people say about people has to do with their own insecurities, their own experiences.

Give people a chance.Get to know them no matter what anyone says.

If there is anyone that you have mistreated due to hearsay … Apologise.

I just did this morning. It felt good.

I am hoping I have cleared some room in my heart for more goodness and light to come in.


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