Asking for help.

So many changes taking place other than the weather, people moving to new cities, starting new jobs, new school programmes, new fitness regimes (I am not one of these people.)

Small changes I have made that are making a huge difference.

A humidifier.Where have you been all my life?

Reading glasses. The headaches were irritating. I held on to my 20/20 as long as I could!

An ipod speaker dock.Finally, all the good music while I potter about the house, wooden spoon in hand, singing my heart out!

Another change? Taking my life in a total different direction.I need help with this.

First have to figure out what the right questions to ask are, because asking for help is one of the best things you can do.

No its not so obvious to everyone, not so easy.

Everyone we meet can teach us something we don’t know.We just have to ask.

Haven’t I written about this before? 🙂


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